The Mod by Charlie's + Limitless
The Mod by Charlie's + Limitless
The Mod by Charlie's + Limitless

The Mod by Charlie's + Limitless

$ 219.95

The Mod by Charlie’s + Limitless brings together the best in the industry to present a complete setup for your favorite Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors.

The Body

The Mod by Charlie’s + Limitless comes with a revolutionary designed button that is recessed and comes with a sturdy stainless steel spring for a smooth button throw. The design is an innovative mechanism that uses a 4 point rail system for grounding to ensure your button slides up and keeps your contact aligned for proper connection and grounded to eliminate any hot button issues. Another innovation is the use of a one piece button and contact design which reduces the amount of parts and threads, a true hard hitting mod. The Mod also comes with an adjustable delrin to adjust for different size batteries as well as to protect your battery from shorting.

  • Designed, engineering, and manufactured in the USA
  • Adjustable delrin
  • Direct battery to atty connection for minimal voltage drop
  • One piece contact button
  • Optional upgrades for performance

The Atty

With the Charlie’s face inscribed on one side and after a whole year of development, Limitless searched the globe for feedback from builders on the ideal atomizer. The unanimous key factors included a 3-post design, deeper juice wells, and large gauged holes for better builds. The atty was refined and tested for versatile and desired airflow to accommodate all vapers.